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Transport Service with Care

Put plainly, auto shipping is such a big deal. Putting your valuable possession in the hands of total strangers can be very nerve racking. But sometimes you may not have another option other than to entrust your car to a perfect stranger. These instances include when you buy a new car, when you have to relocate to a new state and you cannot drive yourself because there is simply no time or because the journey is too long, or when retiring to a new city. Under these circumstances, you want your car to be delivered in tip top shape, just like it was before. That is why it is important to be very careful about the car shipping company you choose to transport your car for you.

Nova Transportation

We know how valuable your car is to you and pride ourselves on taking the utmost care of your property. We also know that it is one of your most prized possessions and that is why we do our best to ensure that we deliver your car in best condition possible. We are a truly different company when it comes to car transportation. Since our inception to date, we have literally turned the car transportation industry on its head. This is not only with regard to our new aggressive innovative pricing but also with regard to establishing unparalleled customer service levels.



Great Pricing Strategy

Our pricing strategy has completely revolutionized how quotes are done. It has actually made car shipping more affordable than it used to be. The quotes are based upon the urgency of a client. If you can wait, you can get discounted rates but if you want the transportation of your car to be expedited, you must be ready to pay a little bit higher. You really are the one to choose. This revolutionary method of pricing has been adopted by almost every player in the car transportation industry. Before we came up with this pricing strategy, pricing used to be more inflexible and restrictive and customers didn’t have a choice really.



Variety of Transportation Options

We have a variety of transportation options for your vehicle to suit every need of our clients. They include the following:

When deciding between enclosed and open truck auto transportation, it is important to first evaluate price difference. Open transportation may be cheaper but it might not be the best option for you. If want your vehicle to arrive extra safe, you may have to pay that little extra bucks for enclosed transportation of your car. Also, if you want to receive your car in clean and sparkling shape just as you shipped it, you may not opt for open truck transportation as this will leave your car a lot dirtier. You can imagine it being driven in open truck for over 2500 miles.


  • Open Carrier: 

    Under this kind of car transport, vehicles will be loaded onto a rack that is specially designed and it will then be towed by means of a tractor trailer. Although it is cheaper and you may want to go for it, it has a bigger disadvantage which is lack of exposure. This opens your car up to debris and other dirt as well as any damage because the car is not enclosed

  • Enclosed auto transport:  Under this mode of auto transportation, your car is still transported by truck but the only difference is that it is under a roof and behind walls. Transporting the car in enclosed trucks will protect it from damage from things like sleet, gravel or scratches.

  • Rail Transport: 

    For clients who want their cars to be transported in the shortest time possible, we usually use both truck and rail service. We will have your car loaded onto railroad car and then transported by means of truck in the last leg. This will dramatically decrease the shipping time and at the same time ensure that your car is delivered safely and soundly.

  • Ship: 

    We do not use this method of transportation in consumer transport in the US, unless where the car is being shipped internationally. This mode of transport is normally left for importation and exportation of new automobiles to be sold.




On-time delivery 
At Nova Transportation, we know very well that consumers and businesses rely on on-time delivery to make sure that they have necessary transport when needed. Sometimes, clients are faced with very sudden moves and want immediate shipping. We do not insist on a customer booking so many days in advance. We are very flexible. Our delivery does not take long but the delivery time will depend on the specific transit distance. Also, in case your vehicle is not delivered according to time, we will refund you for some shipping costs.

We know that pricing forms an important segment of any shipping equation. This is why we give our clients a very clear upfront pricing.
Although we insure cars during shipping, it will cost you extra cash if you want to have extra insurance.

Our rates are per mile. So what we will charge you at the end of the day is dependent on the distance that you want your car to be shipped.
Our charges are open and there are no extra charges.


Service reliability
Being highly experienced car movers, we know that a missed delivery could mean that you miss a day of work. This is why we are consistent on delivering the vehicle as promised on the contract. We have an impeccable 97% delivery rate. You can trust us to deliver your car without hassle.


When you take into account the current price of gas, coupled with the WEAR and TEAR that with comes along with driving your car to your destination, you realize that it is indeed much better to talk to auto shipping companies.

In fact, we are trying to keep you away from the wear and tear, and ensure that your vehicle arrives to your intended destination safely and soundly. If you subject your car to a very high number of miles, it could cause more damage to your car and eventually cost you even more than what you could have paid to an auto shipping company.
Also, driving over longer stretches has its own risks. For instance, your car could break down in the middle of nowhere, leaving you stranded there for days. A host of other things could also happen to you.

So when deciding on whether to use car shipping services or drive it on your own, think of the amount that you would use on gas, tune-ups, wear and tear, mileage and food. Some routes will also mean that you pay tolls, which could really push up the costs. Lastly, driving takes a huge chunk of your time and, as you know, time is money. In short, the best thing is to hire an auto transport company especially where the distance involved is longer.


Out-of-state mover:

If you need to move out of state, you will realize that it is not easy to juggle all the details. It may be impossible to remain sane and to drive your vehicle across the country. In such a case, it would be in your best interests to use a car shipping company as they enable you save a lot of time.

Car Collector:

A car collector may still need to showcase their classic cars in far-off locations but will not want to subject their cars to damage. Also, Cars that have value to be classed as collector’s items usually are not up to long drives.

Small business owner:

 Another group of people that may use car transport companies is small businesses. Majority of small businesses have fleets used for delivery services or for local transport. They could want to move some fleets where they are most needed or even adjust fleet sizes. Car delivery services come in handy for these small businesses. We have numerous dealerships who we ship for on a monthly basis

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